Fuel Consumption Monitoring Solutions

Unique system which has acquired the independent intellectual property rights including the acquisition equipments (sensors), transmission equipments and system platform.

The system consists of:

Fuel Consumption Monitoring Solutions
Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Fuel Consumption Data Acquisition System:

The accuracy of the fuel consumption data acquisition system directly determines the accuracy of the fuel consumption monitoring management.
The fuel level sensor JT606 researched and developed by our own company can bring the following benefits  for fuel consumption monitoring:
  • Convenient installation: Can be cut off on site to fit the height of fuel tank and save the time of  measuring the tank height in the prior period. The patented flange with easy installation will save your time for drilling the screw holes.
  • Higher accuracy: 1mm identifying accuracy which means it can detect the change of the liquid level even 1mm; therefore, it can accurately detect the fuel level change of tank.
  • Strong anti-interference: multiple anti-interference circuit protection and digital signal output that can effectively  avoid complicated external power interference, as well as effectively solve the problem that the fuel level curve returns to zero due to the sensor’s power down.
  • Wide voltage input: 5-70 voltage input and multiple circuit protection prevents reverse connection and short circuits, also effectively protect the sensors.

Real-time Data Communication Transmission System:

GPRS transmission system, Maritime communication satellite transmission system
Data transmission system can assure the steady and reliable transmission of fuel level data to the data acquisition system in any case.In most cases, the GPRS transmission will be adopted, and the Satellite transmission will be adopted when there is no GPRS signal (e.g.: far-seas, remote outskirts,  mines, etc.) use the Maritime communication satellite transmission system.

Data Statistic Analysis management System:

Single set of data acquisition system can steadily process 5000 equipments and supervene the data simultaneously, it also can distribute and store the data in line with the data format that the clients demand.
1. Transparently show the whole process of fuel consumption:
Fuel Consumption process
2. Promptly alarm system and image evidence
Fuel level alarm
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