Contrary to popular belief, SAGIFON Technologies has observed that the largest cost of voice communication does not arise from the maintenance of a voice communication infrastructure but rather from the day to day usage of that infrastructure. Therefore SAGIFON’s efforts are focused on capturing accurate data to determine the overall usage (calls and costing thereof). The objective here is not only to verify the amount on invoices of various service providers but also and more importantly to continuously design plans or solutions that will cut down on these amounts. To achieve this objective, our first task in your organisation is to ensure that a centralised telephone management system is put in place. SAGIFON Technologies with its partners work to ensure that all your telephone systems and extensions are captured on the centralised TMS system to generate accurate reports. The installation will also include advanced training for those employees to whom telephone usage reports and their analysis will be presented. After this installation or upgrade, SAGIFON Technologies will in collaboration with your company determine: 
  • Whether your organisation would prefer to pre-allocate a budget to each of its employees and simply notify them or lock their extension if and when the budget is reached. 
  • The types and kinds of reports that must be made available to your organisation on a monthly basis. 
  • The dates and times when reports must be made available, and the required analysis and discussions thereof. 
During the installation SAGIFON Technologies will also take the time to analyse the voice calling arrangements in place and propose improvements / changes that will reduce the costs where it is appropriate. Here possibilities of VoIP channel calling, location breakouts, and “like to like calling plans” will be examined and analysed with a view to reducing the overall usage cost of your telecommunication infrastructure.
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